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Hiking maps and important locations of Ikaria on Google maps


The Ikarian Hiking & Mountain Climbing Association (OPS Ikarias) official page on Google+

Hello, followers of our blog!
All trails Ikaria Google map by OPS Ikarias
This post is a reproduction of our big friend Eleni's wonderful blog article 
«Seven Power Spots in Ikaria». There she has compiled all our maps that we have made on Google Maps, as well as the locations of the island that we love and cherish, places where we have often hiked, places that we have written several reviews about.

Maps and hiking routes by OPS Ikarias on Google maps - a presentation of places and trails to hike in Ikaria by Nana to agrimi in her blog. Click on image to view all maps in this entry. You may also check another friend's great article containing some our maps. This is Nana's «Hiking routes by OPS Ikaria on Google maps».

We think that all this can be very useful to hikers. Thanks bloggers! 💗


Check the OPS Ikarias map of the trail:
«Karkinagri - Kavo Papas»
 and the amazing photos inside Eleni's article:
 «A Day at an Exhibition»

3) Δάσος Ράντη

See also Eleni's richly illustrated article:
«Legends about Ikaria: The Forest of Radi»


[] See the location on the map
and read the OPS Ikarias review 
loaded with many recent photos.

[] Map of the 1st hiking route we made in the area: 
A hiking round in the mountains of western Ikaria

Also in the OPSI blog: 
γύρος στην ορεινή ενδοχώρα της δυτικής Ικαρίας.

5) Crossing Mt Atheras from north to south 
with a stop for a meal in «Taverna i Plaka»
[Read the OPS Ikarias review of this place]

6) Chalares Canyon

[] The beautiful area and the old chapel of «Ai Giannis»,
also the epicenter of the «Musical Yards» events in July.

[] Finally, for the experienced and bold hikers:
"The Round of Upper Chalares Canyon"

7) Μονοπάτι του Αθέρα

[] This amazing trail running along the tops of Ikaria's high mountain ridge starts from the Tower of Drakano.
Read the OPS Ikarias review 
and check out the location on the map.

[] About the trail read the OPS Ikarias review 
and check out the starting point.

[] Finally, the map of the first part of this hike.
It is called:

More articles related to OPS Ikarias
in Eleni's and Nana's blogs:
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Ikaria, Greece
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